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Today, the bad-asses at Scotland’s BrewDog (makers of high-ABV beer in dead squirrels) wrote us today to let us know that they’re opening the brewery to new investors. The Equity for Punks program offers single shares of the brewery for £95 each—that’s about $147, or roughly the same amount as a share of Black Star Co-op or Flying Bike Co-op, two American brewery co-ops you’ll learn more about in our November/December issue. A BrewDog share gives you the opportunity to say “I own a brewery,” yes, but it also scores you discounts at BrewDog bars and BrewDog.com, creative input into the beers, swag and—most importantly—dividends.

This is actually the brewery’s second call for investments; in 2009, BrewDog sold an initial wave of shares to 1,000 investors. Now, the brewery’s soliciting investments in order to build a “hardcore eco-brewery” outside Aberdeen. According to the brewery’s website, “The new facility will give our business amazing growth potential, enabling us to continue our strong growth as well as continuing to build the value of your investment.”

Check out the Equity for Punks page to download a prospectus and purchase shares. Let us know if you bite the bullet!



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