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If you’ve got an extra $4,500 stashed away and a desire to brew your own beer, check out the above video on the WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery. This New Zealand product allegedly ferments roughly 6 gallons of beer in seven days, and aside from a little bit of cleaning, tossing in the ingredients and checking pressure once a day, waiting is really the only thing you have to do before enjoying the results.

While this sleek, efficient device cuts the romance out of homebrewing, it’s hard not to feel drawn to the design. It looks like something the Dharma Initiative dreamed up—or maybe something that guy from the Dyson vacuum commercials would design if he got into homebrewing.

But who is this geared toward? Clearly, it’s not for the DIY crowd, especially those homebrewers passionate about their custom rig and the sweat involved in brewing beer. It’s also not cheap. I guess I can see the casual beer drinker—someone who already has everything—whipping out the credit card in order to have one in their home bar. Quality of beer aside (since I haven’t tried it), the thing is a conversation starter and pretty easy on the eyes.

So far, a fairly decent number of recipes have been designed for the system, from a cream ale to an English brown ale to a Belgian pale ale (plus tons of lager recipes). The majority of them employ hopped malt extract, but pellets are also available for purchase.

Take a look at the website to check out the features in depth. They’re pretty impressive. The Personal Brewery’s slated to arrive in the U.S. market later this year.

[Image courtesy of WilliamsWarn]


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