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Canadian runner sets double beer mile record

Masters runner finished eight beers during eight laps to finish 2 miles in 11:39.

Photo via McNairn on Instagram

Photo via Ian McNairn on Instagram

For most runners, completing a beer mile in under 12 minutes is a respectable accomplishment.

But legendary Canadian beer mile veteran Jim Finlayson did that back to back.

Last year I wrote about how Finlayson set the masters beer mile record by finishing four beers over four laps in 5:01.

Now, he’s doubled his own feat by drinking eight full beers during eight laps to finish the 2 miles in 11:39.

According to Canadian Running magazine, Finlayson drank Phillips Slipstream Cream Ale for his record-setting performance. He also noted that no one had been able to complete the event previously without throwing up.

Here’s what I wrote when he broke the masters beer mile record at age 42:

“I met Finlayson along with Team Canada before the World Beer Mile Classic in San Francisco, and a few things struck me about him. tweet

It was clear that he was a guy in tremendous shape. He was literally twice the age of other on the team, but in incredible running form. tweet

He also seemed very comfortable letting others do the talking. He had quiet confidence and a bit of a smirk, who knew his place in beer mile history and felt confident in it. tweet

Now we know why.” tweet

Finlayson has long been highly respected as an elder statemen of the beer mile. His Facebook page is now covered in kudos from others in the beer mile community.

“GOAT!!!” wrote Corey Gallagher, a fellow Canadian and former world champion of the beer mile. “Not even sure how this is possible!”


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