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It was 3 am when Jake McCluskey started running. At 380 pounds, he was too embarrassed to attempt a run during the day. He was afraid of people laughing at him.

This time of year, you’ll hear people talking about their New Year’s Resolutions. Most will fail. But there’s a way to improve your odds: …

The theme? “Responsible Running and Drinking in the Interest of Science”

Runner-friendly 5% ABV beer to debut at the race and benefit charity.

Founded in 2012, the series has doubled in size every year since its inception.

“Don’t let people fitness-shame you!”

“The meditative and focusing qualities of the practice help us to enjoy our beer more.”

Participants run 1K laps and drink Pacific Wonderland Lager

At age 65, Tim Kliegl ran and drank a different beer every day for a year.

Does a resolution have to be public to be effective?