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Combining beers is either a mortal sin or a completely natural part of beer appreciation, depending on your perspective. What’s the future of this controversial practice?

Ten years ago in Copenhagen, two high school friends began brewing beer under the tutelage of their physics teacher, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, who is now one of the world’s most well-known brewers. Since then, the two have created more than 200 different beers, with more to come.

Rwandan entrepreneur Fina Uwineza will open her country’s first craft brewery as a tool for female economic improvement. She just might create a national beer along the way.

Life lessons from the guy who inspired Phil Dunphy, TV’s greatest goofball dad.

In America, “brewing revolution” is a marketing tagline. In Thailand, it’s a fight for the right to brew at all.

All less than five years old, these breweries are poised to make their marks on American beer in the coming decade.

Trees’ influence on beer isn’t limited to barrels. Today, brewers go whole log, using needles, sap, leaves and bark to create beers born of their surroundings.

One of Brooklyn’s best dining and drinking spots triumphs over square footage.

Hops, cans and other ways American craft cider is following the beer playbook.

Like a time machine, Lithuania’s rustic, traditional kaimiskas offer a portal to an era before industrialization. And you can drink them today.