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Crazy Las Vegas nights easily turn into rough Las Vegas mornings; good thing the city also offers several killer spots for a revitalizing morning meal.

“From the heart” is great; “made with beer” is even better. These simple, giftable recipes are both.

There’s a brew in every one of these dishes, from lambic-cranberry sauce to roast turkey breast with dubbel gravy.

Pair your pint with Carolina barbecue, Cuban sandwiches and more at these buzzy spots.


From Bavaria’s obatzda cheese to Thailand’s khan mu, check out this international menu of noteworthy nibbles.

Where to find equally delicious food and brews

Start your day at one of these brunch spots and you’ll set yourself up for brewery-hopping success.

You can make ice cream. With beer. (Even if you don’t have an ice cream maker!)


From the best varieties for snacking to where to go to become an oil sommelier, we’ve covered olive the bases.

Stack your plate high: Sliders are the perfect three-bite snack to pair with your favorite pint.