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The 6% ABV cold-press coffee beverage hits shelves in May.

Those pledging to #DrinkForGood are donating money for every beer they drink.

A flaw in glass bottles packaged at the brewery’s North Carolina facility led to the voluntary recall.

The days of blissfully ignorant imbibing are numbered. Two measures will soon bring nutritional information to some restaurant menus and beer labels. But do we really want to know?

You’ll be seeing much more Dragon’s Milk next year.

Say your goodbyes to Snapshot, Slow Ride, Shift, Blue Paddle, Ranger and Rampant.

Samael’s, The Beast and Mephistopheles are among the beers on the chopping block.

The five-year-old brewery joins Devils Backbone, Breckenridge, Goose Island and others as part of AB InBev’s “High End” portfolio.

There must be something in the air in Chicago.

Many of those let go were with the company for years.