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It’s always a celebration when you unwrap a savory cigar and pop open an elegant beer.

We pair two American pastimes: Stuffing food between two slices of bread and drinking beer.   Peanut Butter and Jelly & Sierra Nevada Porter …

Imagine: sushi sans sake. We invite you to savor perfectly paired beer with your sashimi; we bet you’ll be saying arigato with a full belly.

Got a stocked beer fridge and a pizza on the way? Here’s what to pair with your pie.

American chow is lovingly greasy, utterly homey and distinctly our own. Lucky for us, our signature cuisine pairs perfectly with good beer.

Slated for coal in your stocking this year? Make a final plea this Christmas Eve with a pint of beer next to the plate of cookies for Old Saint Nick.

Move over, O.J.: There’s a new beverage ruling the breakfast table.

A beer to match whatever you catch.

Fruit and beer can make a simple, elegant and surprisingly delicious combination. It’s best to  use ales for these pairings as their fruity esters …