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Our cellar: 2016 goes out with a bang

We raid our cellar to toast auld lang syne.
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Samuel Adams Merry Maker 2013
Spiced Stout
Three years have morphed gingerbread flavors into spiced banana-bread richness; mouthfeel remains full, creamy and vibrant.

Forgotten Boardwalk Mashkeh the Magnificent 2015
Barrel-aged Belgian Golden Strong Ale
Intensified honey tones give this apple brandy barrel-aged ale brewed with potatoes (think latkes with applesauce) lovely depth.

Fremont Abominable 2014
Barrel-Aged Strong Ale
A couple of Christmases in the cellar have summoned rich notes of melting chocolate and Luxardo cherry-topped cheesecake with graham cracker crust.

Dubuisson Scaldis Noël 2008
Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Pleasant warmth persists after eight years, drying out Cointreau-like citrus, brioche and ginger-anise spice.

Lost Abbey Gift of the Magi 2008
Spiced Bière de Garde
The once-golden beer may have lost its luster, but its warm star anise and tree barklike spicing is even brighter.

Deschutes Jubel 2010
American Strong Ale
A strong ale’s deep malts have darkened into burnt toast edges, cloaking beautiful dark cherry and bread pudding.

Anchor Christmas Ale 2013
Winter Warmer
Three years is the sweet spot; perfectly dry and spiced, it’s like biting into a gingersnap cookie sprinkled with pine needles.




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  • Skip DuVall says:

    Hey, I thought that I loved beer from my cellar but reading these reviews makes me feel like a complete rookie. Luxardo cherry-topped cheesecake with graham cracker crust??? I’d love to hear a description of a really great cheesecake. Cheers!

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