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Cellar this: beers brewed with raisins

Malt-focused beers often develop a raisiny character after a few years; fuse this age-derived flavor with one gleaned from actual raisin additions for an extra scoop of sun-dried scrumptiousness.

WEB_20170330_D64_CellarBring out: Trinity Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta 2013
This 8.1% ABV brew had a busy, bumping flavor when it first emerged in early 2013, but what would you expect from a chardonnay barrelaged, Brettanomyces-fermented, dark-colored sour ale brewed with honey, golden raisins and mustard seeds? It’s taken nearly four years for the disparate components to get chummy; transitions between the flavors of drying mustard powder, balsamic vinegar, sugary cola, funky hay and crushed pineapple are now silky-smooth.

Lay down: Wicked Weed Milk & Cookies 2016
With infusions of milk sugar, golden raisins, cinnamon and vanilla—and a name like Milk & Cookies—you’d expect this 8.5% imperial stout to come across pretty dessertlike. The flavor, however, is more about spice than sweetness, with sharp cinnamon tea joining up with tangy molasses and dark chocolate alongside hints of black licorice and smoky charcoal. Although some sugary raisin and marshmallow emerge mid-sip, they’re not enough to combat the crumbly burnt-toast finish. We’re going to give this bottle a year to round off those spicy edges and allow the sweet dark fruits to develop.

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