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Divine creation: Church breweries

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Three spots where the beeriness is godliness.

McMenamins Old Church & Pub

Northwest brewpub powerhouse McMenamins’ newest location makes patrons feel like saying “hallelujah.” A brewery located in the 100-year-old Wilsonville church’s basement serves up the spirit by the pint with staples like Terminator Stout and Hammerhead poured in an open-air amphitheater that hosts movies and live music throughout the week.


Church Brew Works

Religion can be transformative; the founders of Church Brew Works took that to heart when they meticulously renovated St. John’s of Pittsburgh into a microbrewery. A bar constructed of old pews, grand pillars converted from confessionals and a brew house smack in the middle of the altar almost make you feel blasphemous for enjoying a Pipe Organ Pale Ale or a Pious Monk Dunkel—almost.


Sierra Nevada

It’s a story worthy of a sermon: The 800-year-old remnants of the Santa Maria de Ovila monastery, dismantled and shipped from Spain to America by William Randolph Hearst, are now in the deserving hands of the Abbey of New Clairvaux monks. With the help of Sierra Nevada, the monks have come up with Ovila Abbey Ales, a dubbel, saison and quad brewed in conjunction with the seasons that help fund the reconstruction of this historical vestige.



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