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Your Daily Pint for Tuesday, February 25, 2014: CIGAR CITY FLORIDA CRACKER

What it is: A Belgian-style witbier brewed with curacao peel, coriander and saison yeast

What it tastes like: A huge, bright orange, lemon and wheat aroma leaps out of the fluffy head. On the tongue, the beer stays alive and sweet, with juicy lemon and orange taking the lead and unmalted wheat giving the swallow some meat; in the back, it hits a peppery skid and finishes clean. It’s a vivacious, well-organized and supremely drinkable beer.

Don’t be offended, just read the can: We know what you’re thinking; who are you calling a Florida Cracker? We’ll tell ya who: The Cracker Cowboys of Florida were “colonial-era settlers, often of Scots-Irish descent.” Cracker refers to the whip that they used to herd cows (get it?). Team Trivia alert! Florida is the oldest cow-raising state in the country.

Cigar City’s best day is coming!: Hunahpu Day is the big celebration where Cigar City unleashes its limited-release, much loved Hunahpu imperial stout; it’s slated for March 8 this year, so get on Kayak and book your ticket pronto! We cracked open a few bottles; and yes, it’s worth the trip.



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