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Cold beer 2.0

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Leave your frosted mugs and koozies behind; the search for cold beer is over. Japanese brewer Kirin Ichiban has invented the ideal mechanism to chill your pint: frozen beer foam. Using a patented method called “Frozen Agitation,” Kirin creates a whipped topping by blowing air into beer that has been frozen to 23 degrees F, then pushes the foam through a soft-serve-yogurt-like machine. The end result looks like ice cream, but don’t be fooled: Ichiban Shibori Frozen Draft is entirely beer. Once set onto a regular, unfrozen pint, the foam acts as an insulating lid, keeping the beer chilled for at least 30 minutes (which, according to a Kirin survey, is well over the average 22 minutes it takes to finish a pint). Bonus: As the foam melts, your beer won’t be diluted; rather, you’ll get a creamier taste and texture than you would from a frosty mug. After testing Shibori Frozen Draft in the states this summer, Kirin plans to launch it to America this fall. We think it can’t go wrong. –Madison Kahn


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