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Drinkin' beer in a parking lot. Drinkin' beer out of a red, white and blue can. Drinkin' beer while watching high-powered cars turn left. Move over apple pie, Dalegating is now as 'Merican as it gets.

Dalegating is your ticket to the pre and post party. Your pass to the parking lot, where all the magic happens. Join us for an exclusive look at our new Austin brewery and for some great Dalegating fun with the Jr. Motorsports race team at Texas Motor Speedway!

Grand Prize Winner receives:

  • A three day three night trip for two to Austin, Texas and the Texas Motor Speedway
  • Austin Brewery tours - tastings, live music and a cookout
  • Jr Motorsports Experience - Meet Elliot Sadler - tour the trailer and the pits.
  • Cup Race Craziness - beer can chicken, beer drinkin', race watchin', trash talkin'... Dalegating
  • Plus all of the sweet prizes listed below!

Contest ends: October 15th, 2017


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