DIY pumpkin beer, no brewing required

DIY pumpkin beer, no brewing required

Transform a simple pint into a bespoke pumpkin beer with a few common extracts. Here’s how.
Home Beer DIY pumpkin beer, no brewing required

It’s the season of pumpkin beers, and there is no shortage of them flooding the shelves. But, quite possibly the best one of all is the one you make yourself. Transform a simple pint into a bespoke pumpkin beer with a few common extracts. Here’s how:

What you’ll need:
6 medicine droppers
vanilla extract
cinnamon extract
nutmeg extract
clove extract
ginger extract
allspice extract

Collect a few bottles (or one 750-mL bomber) of a bourbon barrel-aged stout for the base style of your extract pumpkin beer. The style’s sweet vanilla is an excellent platform for pumpkin pie spices, while its sturdy roast and booze will stand up to the flavor additions. Pour a full pint (16 ounces), and save the rest of the beer to dilute your concoction, in case you go a bit heavy with the spices.  Using a medicine dropper, introduce very small amounts of extract into the beer (less than a single drop);  be sure to immerse the dropper in the liquid so that the extracts do not float on top of the beer’s head. Stir gently, and add more beer or flavor as needed.

We tried it! We experimented with a number of beer styles and flavor extracts; our favorite was Firestone Walker Velvet Merkin with the following additions:

2 drops of vanilla extract
1 drop of cinnamon extract
1 very small drop of nutmeg extract
1 very small drop of clove extract


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