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Don’t be a fool


If there’s ever a time when you shouldn’t trust what you read online—especially concerning beer—it’s today. Craft brewers have a history of pulling pranks on April 1. My favorite comes from Stone a few years back, when they announced the release of Arrogant Bastard gel packets that you can mix into water. For one brief second, I was fooled.

A number of breweries are in on the joke this year, but my favorite so far comes from Schlafly. Check out the announcement of its new Schlaf Lyte: “When you need a beer, but don’t really like beer, and you actually just kind of want some water, reach for a Schlaf Lyte.” Sounds delicious.

What’s the best beer-related April 1 prank you’ve seen today?

Oskar Blues is hitting today’s theme hard with the announcement of the “gap cap” can/bottle hybrid. We’ve seen lots of innovation in beer packaging, but this might be the “best” idea ever. From the brewery:

“The new ‘gap cap’ package offering will not allow advantages of yesterday’s cans such as complete elimination of light, lesser levels of oxygen, infinite recyclability or portability, but it will allow beer drinkers the experience of fully enjoying the light struck beer by offering greater exposure to aroma and the pint glass drinking experience.”


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  • Doug says:

    RJ Rockers out of Spartanburg, SC, posted on Twitter that due to a late freeze in the local peach harvest, they will only be able to produce their locally famous Son of a Peach through May. They later posted the ubiquitous “April Fools!”

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