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DRAFT sixer: Smoke beers

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To smoke their malt, brewers draw on a variety of woods and earthy ingredients that lend intriguing nuances to the beer’s flavor.

Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen

Originated in Bamberg, Germany, the classic rauchbier is famous for its beechwood-smoked malts that weave a smoky, baconlike flavor through the crisp, malty beer.

Ranger Creek Mesquite Smoked Porter

Mesquite is a powerful wood, and needs a robust beer to support its aggressive flavor. Here, the wood imparts rich, roasted smoke with chipotlelike flavors.

Alaskan Smoked Porter

Often credited with starting the smoked malt craze Stateside, Alaskan’s porter uses local alder (a deciduous tree that’s popular for smoking salmon) to develop a sweet, deep smoke flavor.

Stone Smoked Porter

Peat may be the most famous smoking element in the beverage world thanks to the centuries-old distilling traditions in Ireland and Scotland. Here, it imbues Stone’s porter with rich, toasted earthiness and a slight twang.

New Holland Charkoota Rye Smoked Doppelbock

Cherrywood produces a bold smoke accented by subtle, sweet fruity notes—a thoughtful pairing for this malt-forward beer’s dark fruit flavors.

Blind Bat Vlad the Inhaler

This smoked wheat ale, a style native to Poland, gets its clean campfire notes from oak.



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