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Drink this: Stone’s new session IPA

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Stone’s newest beer is about to hit the shelves (last I heard, it’s due out today), so here’s what you need to know about the easy-drinking hop-bomb.

Name: Go To IPA
Stats: 4.5% ABV, 65 IBUs

The San Diego brewery continues to impress with its newest hoppy installment. The cleverly named Go To IPA (making it forever relevant in any “Hey, what’s your go-to IPA?” discussion) is packed with extremely vibrant hop notes. A stunning aroma of mango, grapefruit, pine and green onions hits the nose. On the tongue, similar notes color a sessionable wash of light, crackerlike malts; matching bitterness doesn’t overwhelm, but does culminate in a pretty assertive, drying finish—which you’d expect from Stone. After the swallow, a pleasant second swell of citrusy, piney hops hangs on for a few extra beats.

The newish session IPA “style” is still being refined—sometimes they simply taste like a slightly hoppier pale ale, other times a watered-down IPA—but I see Stone’s Go To IPA as a benchmark. Its collection of vivid hop tones, including trendy tropical notes courtesy of Mosaic hops, and supporting malts are expertly orchestrated. It doesn’t leave you wanting more malt depth, nor does it make you question its “IPA” status. It’s exactly as billed: A really hoppy, colorful session beer—one I definitely recommend picking up.

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