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Drinking gingerly

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Alone, bulbous, brown ginger ain’t pretty, but in a glass, the zesty root makes these drinks things of beauty.

BEER | Left Hand Good JuJu

This 4.5%-ABV thirst-quencher’s propelled by spicy ginger; dig deeper and notice subtle earthy hop bitterness, caramel sweetness and a hint of fruit.

MEAD | Celestial Meads Gingerly

Mead maker Michael Kiker spikes every 200-gallon batch of honeywine with more than 7 pounds of fresh, whole ginger. A dash of sweet, tart red currants gives the drink a bit of bite.

MIXER | Powell & Mahoney Old Ballycastle Ginger

Crafted from a late 19th century recipe, this ginger sipper’s also infused with fennel, elderflower and milk thistle extracts. Shake an ounce with rum for a bright summer cocktail, or splash a dose in a pint of Berliner weisse.


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