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Drinking (in the wild) made easy


File this under intriguing.

Early next year, Pat’s Backcountry Beverages in Talkeetna, Alaska is slated to release a concentrated beer product geared toward avid hiking enthusiasts—or, perhaps, beer-centric survivalists afraid of spending an extended period of time in a bunker without a frothy pint.

Flavor potential aside, the company’s beer concentrate (and the method for prepping it in said wilderness/bunker) is pretty interesting. Through an “innovative and modern brewing process (patent pending)”—referred to on the website as HBT, or Hybrid Brewing Technology—Pat’s makes a nearly waterless concentrate that’s then brought to life through its consumer operated portable carbonator. Of course, you’ll have to add water in the wild to dilute the concentrate, so in order to take advantage of the product’s major benefit claim of “not needlessly burning fossil fuels to process and transport all that extra water” prepare to sterilize lake, river or rain water onsite. Extra points if you know how to decontaminate radioactive rainwater.

Although I personally haven’t tried this forthcoming survivalist beer, the beer geek in me is skeptical. Still, if the drinking experience is as good as the company claims—“all the great flavor, alcohol and aroma of a premium quality micro brew”—epic hiking adventures and mind-numbingly boring future stints inside a crowded bunker could get a lot more interesting.

Would you give this product a try?


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