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The easiest backyard beer dinner

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A meat-and-potatoes beer dinner that’s backyard-ready—and ready in minutes.

Recipes by Brian Adornetto | Photography by Jon Edwards

If summer cookouts are relaxing for everyone but you (the designated grill guy), then read on: Our easy, beer-doused backyard bites are prepped in advance, so when guests arrive, all that’s left is to toss them on the grill. Twenty minutes later, you’ve got a steak dinner, a beer in your hand and a lawn chair calling your name.

A sprinkle of bacon is just the beginning: These spuds glean their flavor from a beer bath that works equally well as a chicken marinade.
This versatile aioli is amazing on asparagus, green beans, chicken, fried fish and sandwiches; a splash of OJ, and you've got salad dressing.
Melt a beery compound butter over just-grilled steaks, and freeze the rest for baked potatoes, sautéed veggies and baguettes.


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