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Everyone say cheese!

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A few brews, some choice cheese and these six items are all you need to host a beer-centric homage to fromage.

1. Which beer goes with the Gruyere? Write each cheese’s name on HangOver Tiles [above] then slip them over the bottles they pair with. $25 for 3,

2. Use a plane to cut hard Swiss, Pecorino and Parmesan paper-thin shards; the Microplane Adjustable Cheese Plane lets you dial between 1/32nd and 3/16th of an inch thick. $15,

3. Easily slather crackers in fresh ricotta with Wusthof’s serrated spreader. $30,

4. The holes in Rosle’s soft-cheese knife keep soft cheese like Brie from sticking to the blade, and serrations keep every slice clean. $36,

5. A sharp, sturdy paring knife like the 4-inch version by Robert Welch does double-duty on firm cheeses and fresh fruits. $42,

6. The Cheese Hacker board’s solid walnut surface is ideal for slicing and serving cheese; its groove holds a sleeve of crackers. $180,



1. Bright, citrusy witbiers with buttery Camembert and herbed goat cheeses

2. Burly barleywines with robust blues like Stilton and Roquefort

3. Toasty schwarzbiers with nutty Gouda and sharp, salty Cheddar

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