Steal this look: The Dandelion Pub
March/April 2013

To make Philadelphia gastropub The Dandelion Pub come to life, designer Shawn Hausman and his team (who also designed the famed beer garden at The Standard hotel in New York) toured England, ducking into every pub and inn to find out what made British pubs, well, British. They brought back wainscoting, lighting, antiques—and a legion of dogs that eventually found a home in the eatery’s Dog Bar. Bright colors add a modern twist to a look that’s easy to replicate at home—as long as you’re not a cat person.

The Dandelion Pub
Westland Scottish Terrier Cookie Jar
Finding dog figurines in the flee markets of England became an obsession for Hausman; scour antique shops for the real thing, or browse online for dogs that only look vintagey, like this Scottie that holds treats for Fido (or his human friends). amazon.com
Flour-sack-style tea towels
Skip disposable paper goods and invest in Flour-sack-style tea towels; the red stripe both echoes and helps break up the room's plaid. $10 for 3. colonialpatterns.com
Scottish Tartan
Cover wooden counter stools and armchairs in your family tartan (find the pattern for any Scottish surname at ScottishLion.com, or go with an intense, colorful plaid like The Scottish Weaver's MacPherson. from $20 per yard, thescottishweaver.com
Captain's Cabin Lamp
The Dandelion's frosted globe lights came with an authentic brass gallery the designers found in Britain; they hand-painted "man's best friend" on the glass. Weems & Plath's nautical sconces give the same feel on a smaller scale. Sorensen Captain's Cabin Lamp, $585, weems-plath.com
The designer's Cairn terrier, Ozzie, inspired the Dog Bar. Put your own pooch front and center with a custom pet portrait that'll quickly gain heirloom status; Denver artist Andy Mallen's bright, impressionistic works (painted from your won photos) bear extraordinary likenesses to her four-legged subject. from $150, canvascanines.com
Published March/April 2013