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Firestone-Walker discontinues stalwarts Wookey Jack, Double Jack and Opal

The Paso Robles, California-based brewery will phase out its Proprietor's Reserve line by the end of the year.

Courtesy of Firestone-Walker

Courtesy of Firestone-Walker

To quote Weezer, say it ain’t so. Paso Robles, California-based brewery Firestone-Walker will phase out its Proprietor’s Reserve line by the end of the year, which means it’s curtain close for Wookey Jack black IPA (one of our Top 25 Beers of the Year in 2012), Double Jack double IPA (which our tasting panel scored a 96) and Opal dry-hopped saison.

A press release from the brewery says that the Proprietor’s Reserve line was dedicated to “small-batch, standout” beers, but that the line will be phased out as it’s squeezed by Firestone-Walker’s widely distributed releases and the limited Vintage Reserve line of barrel-aged beers.

“The suspension of the Proprietor’s Reserve tier will create a void that the brewers here are extremely excited to fill,” says brewmaster Matt Brynildson in a statement. “It opens up a brand new canvas. That’s all I can say for now on that.”

All hope is not lost, though, for fans of Opal, Wookey Jack and Double Jack.

“Wookey isn’t dead yet, and neither are the others,” Brynildson says in the same statement. “They may make curtain calls as special limited releases, or get reimagined into something more fantastical, or both.”


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