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Four brewer blogs we love

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To brew is human; to blog is divine. We’re hooked on these four brewers’ blogs.

Mystery Brewing’s Erik Lars Myers

Myers blogged at before beer got the best of him and the self-taught brewer introduced Mystery Brewing in May, using his site to solicit donations. Now, his posts focus on the brewery’s launch; especially cool is the chart that tracks his beers from development to trial to fermentation. FIND HIM AT: and

Deschutes Brewing’s Gary Fish & Larry Sidor

Though they’re not the brewery’s only bloggers, founder Fish and brewmaster Sidor often write thoughtful, plain-English explanations of Deschutes’ seasonal releases and barrel-aging techniques alongside posts from other staffers. FIND THEM AT:

Baird Brewing’s Chris Poel

As head brewer of Baird, Numazu, Japan’s microbrewery, Poel’s blog is a window into the Asian nation’s craft beer revolution, not to mention the entertaining exploits at this American-run outfit. FIND HIM AT:

Monday Night Brewing’s Jeff Heck, Joel Iverson and Jonathan Baker

This crew’s constantly updated blog won a following for their Atlanta brewery, even though they’ve yet to release their first brews. Follow the guys’ chronicles of brew sessions (every Monday night, of course), business developments and beery antics. FIND THEM AT:


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