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Fox Sports host runs beer mile

"Don't ever do this," she says.

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“This is the dumbest thing we’ve ever done. By far.”

That’s how Fox Sports “Garbage Time” host Katie Nolan described her attempt at the beer mile. And that was before she actually chugged four beers during four laps.

Then she spent the first lap swearing, burping, making involuntary noises of pain and saying “This is an awful feeling” and “Oh, God, now I see why people puke.”

“Don’t ever do this,” she says. “Where did you get this idea? Guantanamo Bay?”

She looks like she comes close to quitting at points, but she keeps going and finishes in a bit over 35 minutes.

This is not Nolan’s first foray into beer chugging participatory journalism. Previously, she attempts to out-chug pitcher Madison Bumgarner.

Watch the highlights and lowlights from her beer mile here.


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