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Gift list: $50 Japanese foam-making beer mug

A late addition for your gift list


In Japan, plenty of bubbly foam is synonymous with a refreshing beerat least according to the marketing behind the Beer Jug Jokki Hour, made by the Takara Tomy company. (“Hour” is a play on the Japanese word “awa,” meaning “foam.”) The foam-creating mug has a switch on its handle that, when pressed, creates a few inches of the fluffy stuff at the top of your glass.

It might be too late to put this contraption on your list for Santa, but the real gift of this $50 (!!) gadget is its hilarious promotional video, which features a child, a guy alone in his hotel room in an undershirt, and plenty of other lost-in-translation moments.

We’ve been cracking open some Japanese beers in the office this month, and thus far they’ve tasted just fine out of traditional, non-foaming glassware.


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