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Grand Teton Lazy Marmot

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Your Daily Pint for Monday, April 14, 2014, is: GRAND TETON LAZY MARMOT

What it is: A 7.8%-ABV Maibock (or helles bock).

What it tastes like: Soft as a large squirrel’s fur. Sweet bread and caramel malts swirl in a swallow that’s velvety but not heavy; the sip slips over your tongue, with faint wood and orange peeking through and just a touch of hop spice in the finish.

In season: Maibocks are subtler versions of traditional bocks… you’ll find more of both on shelves right now, ’cause spring is bock season.

Also in season: Marmots! They really are lazy—at least, while they’re hibernating. Watch this BBC video of a sweet marmot waking up from its long winter nap. It’s too tired to seek food… sounds like Monday.


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