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Great ideas: Southern Tier Fuse Box

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File Southern Tier’s Fuse Box under “great ideas of 2014.”

At its core, the Fuse Box is a seasonal variety pack—but so much more. It’s an opportunity to experiment with your beer through blending. On the top of the box is the Fuse Directory, which lists the brewery’s favorite fusions. That’s right, they actually encourage you to pop open two (or three!) beers and mix them together.

Typically, when tasting in the office, we conclude with an inspired blend of the liquid in front of us (It usually goes something like, “Hey, blend that too-sweet fruit beer with this ultra-dry saison and it’s pretty good!”). It’s become something of a fun, light-hearted way to wrap up a tasting. The fact that a brewery is getting in on the game is, simply, awesome.

What’s your favorite beer blend?


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  • Nicholas T. says:

    What a cool idea. I saw this at a bottle shop last week and tried it with my friends. We had a fun time with it. Tried porter with some lambic and it was awesome!

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