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Your Daily Pint for Sunday, Jan. 5, 2014, is: GREENBUSH CLOSURE

What it is: A 5.9%-ABV American pale ale.

What it tastes like: We can’t even think of a swallow quicker than this: How’d they even contain this in a bottle?! Zippy carbonation sweeps the sip from bready malt to bitter, dry finish in nanoseconds; this is the power of hops in real time. As you drink, grapefruity hop notes with floral and tropical fruit bursts begin to show up, and by the end of the bottle, your tongue’s doing glorious beer somersaults.

Why it’s awesome: For this brew, Greenbush uses solely Apollo hops—a super high-alpha-acid (the compound that makes beer bitter) variety with lovely, loud orange and tropical flavors.

Learn by drinking: Become an Apollo hop expert by getting to the bottom of pours like Alaskan HOPothermia, Mikkeller Apollo Single Hop IPA and Harpoon IPA.



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