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Beer-and-grilled-cheese spots that’ll make you melt

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These four spots will melt your heart with gooey grilled sandwiches and craft beer.

Melt Bar and Grilled

The spiel at all five Ohio outposts is grilled cheese and beer: Start with one of the 30 taps, then go kiddie-style with peanut butter-and-banana griddled goodness, or grown-up with Dad’s Meatloaf Dinner, stuffed with homemade meatloaf and bacon.

Railroad Street Bar and Grill
This train’s headed to Linfield, Penn., for 35-plus taps, pinball machines, and more than a dozen grilled cheeses ranging from Cajun Meatloaf with chipotle-smoked gouda to the award-winning cheddar and fresh Maine lobster.

Earl’s Beer and Cheese
This sliver of a spot in East Harlem is devoted to all things, well, beer and cheese (starting with its can’t-miss beer cheese); on the sammy side, dip into a double-cream brie and blackberry mostarda and keep it casual with canned crafts.

American Grilled Cheese Kitchen
At its two San Fran locations, gourmet grilled cheese can be as easy as a Mousetrap (creamy havarti, sharp cheddar and Monterey Jack) or as kicky as the spicy Jalapeño Popper. Scour the tap list for rare-ish locals.

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