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Happy 1,000th day, Beer Runner!

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Saturday is gonna be huge! June 29 marks the 1,000th straight day Tim Cigelske, our Beer Runner, will run at least one mile and drink at least one beer. It’s called a runstreak (and, well, a beerstreak), and it’s awesome.

It began when Tim turned 29. He had planned to ring in his thirties with a one-year beer/runstreak. One mile a day, one beer a day; no big deal to a seasoned runner. He achieved (and drank!) so much more.

Over the past 1,000 days, Tim has shared his smart running strategies, shown us marathon-inspired beers, lamented about beer and running ruts, introduced us to fellow beer runners around the country (including Brandon Wood, who lost 90 pounds by beer running), discovered some essential beer running gear, and even inspired our own staffer’s mom. Of course, he’s also drank a lot of beer along the way. It wasn’t always easy; after all, Tim’s got a 9-to-5, a family, and sometimes the flu. But he’s powered through these thousand days like a champ, improving throughout the streak; on his 412th day, he won his first 5K. He’s living, breathing proof that the beverage we love can fuel a healthy lifestyle.

Join us in congratulating Tim on his huge achievement (Tweet him @thebeerrunner, or reach him on Facebook @thebeerrunner). The best way to celebrate? Run. Drink. Repeat.

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