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Harpoon Leviathan IPA


Your Daily Pint for Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013 is: HARPOON LEVIATHAN IPA

What it is: A whopping, 10%-ABV imperial IPA.

What it tastes like: This monster of a beer is a true sipper. Intense bitterness and drying, warming alcohol check barleywinelike caramel and toasted malts. Throughout the swallow, hops transition from prickly grapefruit, to sweet orange and then into a piney, leafy finish. It’s incredibly complex, elevated in every way, and definitely lends a buzz after one pint.

Great names: Biblically, “leviathan” refers to a sea monster—an appropriate image from a brewery named Harpoon.

What to pair it with: Tip this big beer back alongside a boozy rum cake and prepare for absolute taste bud bliss.

Can you age it? This beer’s warm and malty enough to sit in the cellar. You’ll loose some of the hop character, but an emerging fruity, sherrylike mouthfeel would make for an interesting trade-off after a year.


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