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Harpoon Rich & Dan’s Rye IPA

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Your daily pint for Saturday, Sept. 14, 2013 is: HARPOON RICH & DAN’S RYE IPA

What it is: An American IPA brewed with flaked rye.

What it tastes like: Traditional American hop flavors like grapefruit, orange and a touch of grass take on the rye’s subtle spice for extra bite. Firm bitterness cuts through the beer’s toasted, caramel-sweet malt base.

The beer’s origin: According to the brewery, this is the first beer founders Rich Doyle and Dan Kenary brewed together in 25 years. The first beer the brewery actually released to the public was Harpoon Ale, way back in the summer of 1986.

What to pair with: Knock back this beer with a juicy, greasy cheeseburger. The sharp rye notes connect nicely with equally sharp cheddar, and the beer’s aggressive bitterness cleans up each succulent bite.


Chris Staten is DRAFT’s beer editor. Follow him on Twitter at @DRAFTbeereditor and email him at chris.staten@draftmag.com.


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