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Herban renewal: 6 beer infusions

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Your favorite beer bar serves them on Cask Night, and your best beer-geek buddy pours them from his Randall; now, dream up your own beer infusions in the comfort of your kitchen. All you need: a French press, some whole fresh herbs and a little imagination.


PILSNER: A few chive stems round out a clean lager’s crisp edges with oniony sweetness.

IPA: Rosemary’s piney freshness lightly echoes resiny American hops. Hopheads should add floral thyme and prepare to have their palates zapped dry.

WITBIER: Licoricey tarragon turns a citrusy wit into something akin to a Belgian pale ale; sage adds just a bit of leafy must.

KÖLSCH, BLONDE OR CREAM ALE: A handful of mint adds a delicate cool, peppery green note to the soft, easy-drinking style.


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