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Here’s Tomme!


Earlier this month, a pretty awesome story emerged on Beer Advocate’s user forum. A couple of friends in Washington, D.C. were organizing a Lost Abbey tasting party and, as beer people tend to do, they posted a thread on the forum inviting any locals with rare bottles to attend. Leading up to the tasting, one of the friends was contacted by a guy from San Diego (named “Chris”) who planned to be in D.C. for work. He was hoping to swing by with a few bottles of his own. The night of the tasting “Chris” showed up, and that’s when things took a turn for the weird. Here’s Beer Advocate user Starrdogg’s account:

“This guy wearing a Lost Abbey shirt and wielding a fancy camera showed up at our door with Veritas 004 and Isabelle. He introduced himself as Ryan, not Chris, and while I thought something fishy was up, he had the right beers so I was willing to let it slide. We opened up a couple of beers and suddenly there was a loud knock on the door. We all looked around confused—we weren’t expecting anyone else for the tasting. Was it the cops? Had Chris/Ryan called some guys over to rob us? [Beer Advocate user] Raveskdr opened the door and his jaw literally dropped to the floor—outside were Gwen [Conley] and Tomme [Arthur] from Lost Abbey! And Tomme was carrying a huge box of beer!”

As you can guess, Ryan—a Lost Abbey employee—set the whole thing up and filmed a pretty great video; part one is above. The party crashing was also well documented in real time on Tomme Arthur’s Twitter feed so the incredible story wasn’t met with much skepticism when posted in the forum. Maybe a twinge of jealousy, though.

Make that a lot of jealousy.

Who would you want to crash your tasting?


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