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Hopsy, Caviar partner to deliver beer to your house on-demand

Together, these two on-demand delivery services will enable beer-lovers to get fresh growlers in as little as 30 minutes.

Photo courtesy of Hopsy

Photo courtesy of Hopsy

Scenario: you just ordered a pizza and you’re ready to dig into that bad boy, but you need a beer to along with it (for if a pizza is not enjoyed alongside a good beer, was it really enjoyed at all?). You go to the fridge; open the door. EMPTY. No beer. And the roommate has the car, so driving to your local craft brewery is out. With your delicious pie getting colder by the second, what can you do?

If you live in the San Francisco Bay area, that’s an easy one: Hopsy. Launched earlier this year, Hopsy is an online home beer delivery service that enables customers to order fresh, draft beer from one of the company’s partner breweries (a list that currently includes Half Moon Bay, Moylan’s, Black Diamond and eight more East Bay brewers) and have it delivered in 32-ounce, counter-pressure filled glass growlers right to their doors. The company announced in a recent press release a partnership with Caviar, an online service for on-demand ordering from popular local restaurants, that will speed up delivery and enable beer lovers to get their growlers in as little as 30 minutes.

“Until now, we’ve offered next-day delivery three days a week,” says Sebastien Tron, Hopsy’s co-founder and CEO. “The partnership with Caviar allows us to go a step further in our customer service by offering on-demand delivery seven days a week.”

With the craft beer market becoming ever more crowded, bottles of beer purchased at retail can sit on shelves for weeks or even months before they’re purchased. Sometimes, sadly, we sacrifice quality and freshness for convenience. Through Hopsy, customers have the ability to order ales and lagers that are not only uberfresh, but may be available only at a brewery and only on draft.

“Hopsy has created an alternative distribution system where customers can order fresh draft beer from local breweries in small, 32-ounce growlettes,” Tron says. “The partnership with Caviar allows us to completely eliminate the tension between quality, freshness and convenience.”

For those of you dealing with the nightmare pizza scenario outside San Francisco, just hold on—while Hopsy’s beer delivery service is currently limited to the Bay area, the company plans to quickly expand in all major craft beer markets, so keep that pie warm.


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