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How to: perfectly pair beer and summer appetizers

These simple apps take minutes to make; add in the perfect beer and your festivities will last for hours.
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Photo by Ed Rudolph

Photo by Ed Rudolph

Set out these easy-to-assemble appetizers and stock your cooler with corresponding beers for a foolproof backyard party.

Watermelon, Feta and Mint & Witbier
A Belgian wit lends soft, fresh lemon and light coriander spice to the cool watermelon, salty feta and herbal mint without overpowering any of the food’s flavors.

Apple and Brie & Pilsner
A bready pilsner bolsters the buttery notes of subtly flavored brie cheese, giving it some extra vim alongside the tart apple.

Melon and Mint & Berliner Weisse
This simple treat connects mild, sweet melon with refreshing mint; a well-constructed Berliner weisse brings bright acidity to the mix.

Tomato and Basil & Flanders Red
Go light on the balsamic and try your tomato and mozzarella with a Flanders red; the tart, acidic snap will give the fresh duo some depth.

Asparagus and Prosciutto & Irish Red Ale
A smooth Irish red’s malt-charged caramel and bready flavors are perfect for underscoring savory prosciutto and earthy asparagus.

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