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How to: Pairing pie and beer

Nothing completes a meal like a tall pint and a slice of pie. (But if you go with pie and beer as the main course, we won't tell.)
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Photo by Ed Rudolph, styling by Suzi Rezler

Photo by Ed Rudolph, styling by Suzi Rezler

Lemon Meringue & Saison
This dessert’s sugary sweetness and lemony snap find the same notes in a well-built saison, but the beer’s other elements, from a kick of white pepper to a brush of barnyard funk, elevate the pairing.

Apple Pie & Amber Ale
It’s as American as you can get: A classic amber ale with sweet caramel notes slides right in with warm apple filling in a rich crust. A rumble of hop bitterness helps to clean up the bite.

Chocolate Mousse Pie & Smoked Porter
This rich chocolate dessert gets even more complex when you add porter’s coffeelike roast and wisp of ashy smoke.

Key Lime & American Wild Ale
Select just the right American wild ale (think bright, citrusy acidity with a touch of custard) to pair with tart key lime pie, and you’ll create a fun, tongue-puckering treat.

Blueberry Pie & English Barleywine
This beer’s intricate malt profile, from caramel and toffee to tobacco and leather, supports the pie’s burst of blueberry while readily adopting its buttery crust; the duo is pure decadence.


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