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Icebeerg ahead!

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Tourists trek to Greenland to climb glaciers, glimpse polar bears and watch whales navigate the coasts of the world’s largest island. Beer drinkers experience the island’s natural elements in another way: by downing beer made from melted icebergs. Against a backdrop of sea and towering ice, Godthaab Bryghus is the world’s northernmost brewery. Located in one of the oldest buildings in Nuuk, Greenland’s capital, the brewery turns ice into rare beer. Only 5 percent of Godthaab’s beer is bottled; the rest is poured into pints for the country’s 56,000 inhabitants. If you make it there, seek out glacier-brewed regulars like Godthaab Classic, a lager, and the dark Moskus. –Jenna Gottlieb


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