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Iron Maiden launches face-melting pale ale


It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago when the concept of a band teaming up with a brewery was novel. Of course, that was before Hansen announced it was planning to release an IPA; before London-based Signature Brew started pairing with musicians to launch beers; before Dogfish Head launched a series of music-inspired beers; before AC/DC launched its own beer; before Kiss launched its own beer; before Kid Rock launched his own beer.

It’s time to welcome Iron Maiden to the fold. Welcome, Iron Maiden. The band teamed up with Robinsons Brewery in Cheshire, England to craft a face-melting-but–still-fairly-reasonable 4.7% ABV English pale ale. The beer’s called Trooper, but I was hoping they’d name it The Number of the Yeast.

Your turn, Van Halen.


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One Comment

  • the last coyote says:

    Iron Maiden does not = 4.7%

    Start over and make an 8.5% and then we’ll respect it. :)

    I Mean it’s freaking Iron Maiden! I want to Run To The Hills! not run to the little ladies room.

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