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Lakewood Antigoon’s Revenge

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Your Daily Pint for Tuesday, June 17, 2014, is: LAKEWOOD ANTIGOON’S REVENGE

What it is: A 12.4%-ABV cherrywood-smoked Belgian golden ale

What it tastes like: A doughy brown bread and wet earth smell is the first indication of this beer’s malty disposition. Likewise, a pleasant, sweet brown bread flavor kicks off the swallow, with honey and some maraschino cherry sweetness sticking to the tongue; toward the finish the sweetness becomes a bit syrupy, and it takes a bit of searching to detect the smoke (but it’s definitely there). The brew’s burly ABV finally rears its head in a throat-warming conclusion. This beer’s a compelling sipper today, but with some time in the cellar, it could mellow out and transform into something even better.

Name sound familiar?: Chef Robert Wiedmaier makes a Belgian ale called Antigoon at Belgium’s Brouwerij de Musketiers.


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