PAIRS: Beer and food from Circle K

Thank you, Jack Link’s, for sending a big bag of Original Style Beef Jerky my way! I straight up l.o.v.e. this stuff. Teriyaki is actually my favorite (Jack Link’s, if you’re reading this). In fact, my friend Amanda and I were just extolling the deliciousness of dried meat, when she confessed that she lost her vegetarianism to beef jerky. (Another friend of mine lost hers to Chicken McNuggets, and honestly, as a foodie, I get that, too.)

Anyway, this big ol’ bag of beef jerky was sitting on my desk taunting me (not really, I immediately ate it), and I got to thinking: What if I paired food and beer using only what can be found in a Circle K? So, at 10:00 a.m. I stocked up on tall boys and munchies like it was midnight after a Widespread Panic show. There were a surprising number of great local crafts there, but for the sake of convenience store universality, I thought I’d stick with the stuff found at a Circle K near you.

Sidenote: As you surely already read in our May/June issue, Bronx Brewery teamed up with SlantShack Jerky to create The Bronx Pale Ale Jerky, at last bringing together hop bitterness with mustard, honey, and, of course, dried beef.

But back to it.

3 Circle K Beer and Food Pairings:

The Best!
Jack Link’s Premium Cuts with Newcastle Brown Ale: This smooth malty pint can easily hang with big-flavored spice and salty meat.

The Wildcard!
Bud Light Lime and Funyuns: Must enjoy parts before you can appreciate the sum, guys. Somehow all that sweet limey tang matches up pretty darn well with the onion-salt bomb that is Funyuns.

The Duh!
Pabst Blue Ribbon and Pizza Combos: Good ol’ pizza and lager, delivery and cooking not required.

Quick: Go to the store, and put together a pairing! What’s your best convenience store combo?

Posted on Wednesday, June 20th, 2012