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Mr. President, release your homebrew recipe


From birth certificates to tax records, pressuring political candidates to release various personal documents has become part of the election sideshow. But never before have we plebeians banded together for the full-disclosure of something as important—nay, necessary for the well-being of this nation—as the White House Honey Ale recipe. It’s time we stand up and demand, “Mr. President, release your homebrew recipe.” Or, hop over to the online petition and add your own digital John Hancock to the list.

When I first checked the tally on Friday, the petition had roughly 7,000 signatures out of the 25,000 needed for the White House to officially review the request. Now, it’s just shy of 10,000. So, sign your name and tell your friends—especially your homebrewing friends—so that we can all tip back a cold pint of Honey Ale as a nation united.


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