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Natty Greene’s American Sour 2013

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Your Daily Pint for Friday, Nov. 29, 2013, is: NATTY GREENE’S AMERICAN SOUR 2013

What it is: A 6.5%-ABV American sour ale (duh!), but really a hybrid Imperial red ale/Flanders red.

Wait, what?: So, imperial reds are kind of a thing right now (learn more on Monday!), and Flanders reds are classic Belgian sours historically brewed in the town of (yup) Flanders. Here, the brewers merge the two by re-fermenting its Buckshot Amber with wild yeast and bacteria, then aging the concoction in oak for two years.

What it tastes like: More mega-sour than mega-sour! The mouthfeel’s thinner than a traditional Flanders red, but the more subtle swallow means less teeth-scraping; the sour stunner goes down quicker. Both traditional vinous notes and a hint of dry, floral hops (that’s the amber talking) are detectable, but crazy, biting sourness steamrolls it all for a tart sip that wakes you up. If you’re new to sours, start with something smaller, but if you’ve been Berliner-weissing and Belgian-ale-puckering for a while (or if you’re just craving a liquid counterpart to your leftover cranberry sauce), dive right in.

Patience, patience: Yes, it’s only 6.5% ABV, but the wild yeast and bacteria means the beer will continue to develop for a couple years. Buy two, drink one now, and put the other down in your cellar for next year.



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