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Beer mile record shattered at championship

Twenty-one-year-old drinks four beers and runs a mile in astonishing 4 minutes and 34 seconds.

Markus Liwing

Photo via Markus Liwing

Last year, a largely unknown Canadian upset the heavy favorites to dominate the field in the World Beer Mile Classic.

The same thing happened again this year, except this time it was Corey Bellemore who crushed the competition, including reigning champion Lewis Kent.

It almost didn’t happen.

Just before this weekend’s Beer Mile World Classic in London, the 21-year-old Bellemore uploaded a video of himself breaking the current world record by running a 4:39 beer mile (4 laps and 4 beers) on the track. With Bellemore suddenly becoming the favorite, the organizers of the event acted quickly and flew him to London, just in time to compete.

Bellemore didn’t disappoint. In competition, he took five seconds off his beer mile time to shatter the world record for the second time in a week. His final time? An astounding 4:34. Watch the finishing kick of the race here.

Kent, the clear favorite heading into the race, fell back to fourth with a time of 5:11. He tweeted that he had an off day but that he’d be back, faster and stronger than ever.

Now the question is: How low can the beer mile record go from here?


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