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New black IPA on the block

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It’s starting to feel as though 25 percent of my job is now dedicated to black IPAs. Believe me, I’m not complaining. However, if you look here, here and here, you may think I’m obsessed. I’m not only amazed by the growing number of examples, but how many are being called up to fill a spot in various breweries’ year-round line-ups. Again, no complaints here, but it’s not since the imperial IPA that we’ve seen a style ascend to permanent line-up status so quickly.

Widmer Brothers is the latest brewery to promote its black IPA, releasing Pitch Black as a nationwide, year-round offering. True to its name, this beer pours a pitch-black hue, with flickering brown highlights brightening up the glass. Up from the foamy tan head, peppery hop notes perk up its dank resinous aroma, while lightly toasted malts hover in the background. This beer’s definitely lighter on the roasted malt character than other versions, leaning more toward toasty, sweet caramel flavors. The beer’s hops match the malts with grapefruit zest, pine and juicy orange notes, while robust, yet smooth, bitterness cleans the mouth dry.

For all of you black IPA tickers, make sure you add this to your queue.


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  • Sean says:

    I tried the Pitch Black awhile ago and was impressed. I am not an IPA fan, but I do like the black IPAs. Pitch Black is “lighter” tasting than other black IPAs I have tried.

  • John says:

    I was not a big fan of this beer. Like most Widmer Brothers this beer was a weak offering of the style. It was very unimpressive compared to most, if not all other black IPA’s I have had. I like the 21st amendment Back in Black much better.

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