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New Year’s Eve Freakout

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Tomorrow morning I’m taking to the open road, driving from Tempe, Ariz. to Oklahoma City for The Flaming Lips’ annual New Year’s Eve Freakout. Now, I’m pretty much stuck on a tight schedule—I’ll be in Abilene, Texas tomorrow night and OKC on Friday night—but that doesn’t mean I can’t stop off for a drink or two along the way. So, fellow beer friends, send me your suggestions. I’m looking for hole-in-the-wall joints, Texas beer halls, great bottle shops and, of course, awesome barbecue places to pass the time. We’ve got Dallas/Fort Worth pretty much covered (check back in January for DRAFT’s Best Beer Bars in the country), so help me navigate to the little-known gems; the ones covered in enough grime to scare off the weaklings. Above is the southern route I’m taking, and with your help, hopefully I’ll find more beer than snow.

If you’re in Oklahoma City for what should be the greatest New Year’s Eve celebration ever (The Flaming Lips are playing “The Soft Bulletin” in its entirety when the clock strikes 12, if that means anything to you) send me an email or tweet and lets grab a drink. Cheers!

Flaming Lips New Years Eve Freakout Video


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