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Official beer of Tex-Mex

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It’s really quite shocking how often I hear about a new brewery opening, or at least planning to open. Usually, the concept behind the start-up is perfectly normal, but every once in a while I come across something that really catches my attention. This morning I spoke with Shane Bordeau, co-owner of the upcoming Twisted X Brewing in Austin, Texas, slated to open at the beginning of May. Bordeau and co-founder/brewmaster Jim Sampson are brewing what they call Tex-Mex beer.

“We kind of created a new concept, which should go well down in the southwest,” said Bordeau. “We’re focusing on Mexican-style lagers, but with more flavor, and we’re throwing in a Texas twist.”

These twists, as Bordeau puts it, come in the form of Fuego, the brewery’s jalapeno-spiked lager, as well as other concepts involving agave, molé, prickly pear and various peppers. In addition to Fuego, the brewery will open with three other mainstay beers: Twisted X, a premium lager; Cerveza de Los Muertos, a Vienna lager; and Chupahopra, a hoppy IPA.

According to Bordeau, Twisted X has already confirmed 30 accounts in the Austin area, its spicy Fuego being a hit at local Tex-Mex restaurants. Look for Twisted X beer on draft in about a month, and then in cans later in the year.


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  • Steve says:

    Any way this can make it my way in Portland, ME…I’m a Texas raised chef and I operate a Taqueria in New England!!! Would be interested in everything!!!

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