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Skip the slice: Orangey beers we love

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Hanging an orange slice on your glass is sacrilege to some beer purists (though, we aren’t particularly opposed to tampering with our beer). These diversely flavored brews all have summer citrus tossed in the kettle, so hold off on the slice.

For the Person who Always Says “Yes!” to an Orange Slice: Thomas Creek Orange Blossom Pilsner’s ample sweet orange blossom honey is the star of this brew: Pilsner graininess is just the ground from which the juicy orange flavor grows.

For the Big Beer Drinker: Thomas Creek Orange Blossom Pilsner 2 is a big step up from the original above. Brewed with half the water, it’s double the alcohol (11.0% ABV): OPB 2 two is still orangey sweet, but has sticky honey and a layer of smooth, clean alcohol that treads the swallow tongue to chest.

For the Spice Lover: Brewers toss white pepper, orange zest and sweet pear juice into 4 Hands Pyrus Saison, yielding a floral saison that’s zippy from the zest and the spicy pepper; soft pear flavor and beautiful floral notes round things out.

For the Herbal Enthusiast: Sam Adams Little White Rye has orange peel, coriander and sage right in the bottle; the sage comes on strong both in the aroma and on the tongue. Bright citrus does peek out right in the beginning of the sip with just a touch of rye spice that rides the swallow.

For the Hop Head: Citrus is a worthy complement to the big hop character of these two brews. Brewed with navel oranges, blood oranges and grapefruit, Hangar 24 Local Fields Essence Double IPA picks up a profound grapefruit flavor for a juicy sweet-and-bitter combination; orange is more detectable in the exhale. Wheat ale 4 Hands Contact High is actually the dankest and bitterest of the bunch; orange zest adds some slickness to the mouthfeel and a brush of orange flavor.

For the Apricot Appreciator: A cousin citrus headlines this group’s most fruit-forward brew, Wasatch Apricot Hefeweizen. From aroma to finish sweet, pure apricot flavor sings with just a bit of wheat tartness peeking out.


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